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Buying Your Home - Working With a Real Estate Agent

Can I use an agent for a brand new home?
Yes, and you should use an agent to purchase a brand new home.  Did you know that the sales agents working in model homes represent the best interests of the builder?  Even though they are some of the most friendly people you will ever meet - they give you water, cookies, and have toys for your kids to play with - they will do what they can to get as much money out of you as possible.  You can have an agent represent you - and you should have a First American Real Estate, Inc. agent represent you because we have helped countless happy home owners buy brand new homes.  The great thing is that it doesn't cost you anything at all because the builder will pay us to represent you - as long as we make the introduction.

Builders commonly require that your agent be present, and sign in, the first time you visit their sales office (model home) or they won't allow you to have any representation at all!  So, if you decide to go looking at model homes, tell the sales agents you are working with First American Real Estate, Inc..  Better yet, call us to set up an appointment with builders for you.  That way, there are no questions on whether or not you have someone working FOR you instead of AGAINST you.

How do I find a real estate agent?
Getting a recommendation from a friend or work colleague is an excellent way to find a good agent. Another great way is to just call us at 719-896-6696.  We are a full service professional real estate company.

And not all agents are the same!  The average agent in the Pikes Peak region participates in less than three homes sales per year!!  The vast majority of agents only do real estate on a part-time basis, and many of them won't have a license twelve months from now.  Don't get stuck using someone without the experience and knowledge you need to make a good investment.  First American Real Estate, Inc. has over 15 years experience working in Colorado.  Call us to become one of our well cared for customers.

What about a buyer's agent?
In Colorado, it's now common for an agent to represent the buyers exclusively in the transaction and be paid a commission by the sellers.  Isn't that wonderful?  You get representation and the seller pays us to negotiate against them on your behalf!

How much does my real estate agent need to know?
Real estate agents would say that the more you tell them, the better they can negotiate on your behalf. However, the degree of trust you have with a real estate professional may depend upon their legal obligation. 

Agents may establish any of three types of relationships with home buyers or home sellers: 

     Buyer Agency - they represent the buyer exclusively as a Buyer Agent. 
     Seller Agency - they represent the seller exclusively.
     Transaction Broker - they simply facilitate the transaction between the buyer 
                                             and seller as a Transaction Broker. 

Colorado requires agents to disclose the manner in which they will be working with you before they enter into a residential real estate transaction.

All this to say you should be careful with how much information you disclose to someone representing the other party.  Unless you have signed an agreement securing your rights with a real estate professional working as your agent, be careful.  Any information you provide can be shared with the other party and it may cost you a lot of money. 

What's the bottom line? 
First American Real Estate, Inc. can work for you as a Seller Agent, Buyer Agent, or as a Transaction Broker when necessary.  We also represent home owners as Landlord Agents when they want to rent their homes out and have us manage the property for them.
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